Versi-Foam ® System 50 SR

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This kit is the big size foam kit in the Versi-Foam® product line, with a special modified formula to extend the curing time (slower reactivity). Different from the quick rise formula, the slow rise formula has a rising time of approximately 3 minutes (instead 45 second for Quick Cure).

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This allows you to use the foam for applications where the foam needs to flow to distant areas before it solidifies. Please be aware that the final expansion is the same as the quick cure kit! The Versi-Foam® System 50 SR is packaged in 2 cardboard boxes weighing 27.5 kg each and includes the two chemical components (separately pack in 2 boxes), the patented U-Control gun attached to 15ft 2.9 (4.6 meter) hoses, 10 extended mixing nozzles, 3 fan tips, and nitrile gloves.
The Versi-Foam® System 50SR will produce 600 square feet of cured foam at a 1″ thickness, or 50 cubic feet. The Slow Rise formula is suitable for applications where the curing needs to be extended (better flow for large surfaces for example)
Hazardous Goods, UN3500, class 2.2.

A complete Versi-Foam ® System 50 SR contains:

  • 2 box with the A & B component separately packed
  • 1 gun hose assembly 15ft
  • 1 pack of 10 nozzles
  • 3 fan tips
  • 1 pair of nitrile gloves

Additional information

Additional information

Weight 18.6 kg
Dimensions 30 × 15 × 30 cm



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