Versi-Foam ® Mixing Nozzle (10x)

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All Versi-Foam® Systems include 10 mixing nozzles. These nozzles snap onto the front of the gun and is the only place in the system where the two chemicals are mixed together creating foam.

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It is for this reason that the nozzle must be changed every time dispensing has been stopped for longer than the tack free time.
The majority of our systems have a tack free time of 30 to 45 seconds (only slow rise is longer). If your application requires numerous starting/stopping procedures, where the time between applications is greater than the tack free time, then it is advised to purchase extra mixing nozzles together with the rest of your purchase. Doing so, will ensure you of continuity during the insulation process without any delay or interruptions! The multi- purpose nozzle, extending mixing nozzle and flash spray nozzles are available for purchase per 10 pieces.

IMPORTANT: not changing the nozzle as per instructions can cause damage to the gun hose assembly or even worse the kit itself, making it useless for further use! There is no refund or warranty for material damaged by not following these instructions.

Additional information

Additional information

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